Meet Peggy

Peggy Usak (2)

"Think of me as one part professional,
                    one part advisor and one part friend."

The opening of any ceremony is always a humbling reminder of what a precious
opportunity it is to be an officiant and a Life-Cycle Celebrant. I am honored and blessed to work with each beautiful human being in a way that is life affirming and supports their dream and hopes and goals.

All the places we’ve been and all the things we’ve done lead us to any point in time. The path that led to celebrancy in my life has been filled with wonderful people, good fortune in career ventures and the blessings of a beautiful family. I have had opportunity to live and visit in some of our world’s most beautiful places. And now, I feel so privileged to live in a place that rivals none – the Napa Valley.

Find something you love to do and you never have to work a day in your life.

I wasn't always a celebrant.

A degree in English and experience teaching provide a strong foundation for each ceremony I create. My work as Marketing Communications Director with GTE (now Verizon), as statewide Executive Director for a nonprofit serving people with disabilities and my own public relations firm were only a prelude to this wonderful career of celebrancy. My practice began informally when I was a realtor in Arizona and began doing house blessings for clients. That expanded to baby-namings and pet memorials. I am now a graduate of the prestigious Celebrant Foundation and Institute, an international organization providing rigorous training in rites of passage and ceremony and ritual across the life cycle.

I believe one’s spiritual path evolves. My definition of spirituality is those beliefs which give life a higher purpose. We are all both teacher and student. I teach meditation and mindfulness and am a licensed practitioner with the Napa Center for Spiritual Living. In addition, I am an ordained non-denominational minister. My family laughs that I didn’t complete my shamanic training because I couldn’t spend the night alone in the desert. And I laugh too.

All the way from Montana to Virginia, I have three wonderful sons and four wonderful grandsons. My sister and I live together with two outrageous kitties, one named Leo and one named Posey. We enjoy visiting the Sonoma coast and our area’s great restaurants and wineries. I try to find time for watching baseball, practicing qigong, writing my book of haiku and having a cup of steaming hot black tea with milk.

My goal is to enjoy every moment of this precious journey sharing laughter, love and happiness. I believe in treating all people with kindness and respect, giving back and saying thank you in some way every day.

I invite you to see what a difference working        
with a Life-Cycle Celebrant can make.

Sonoma coastline