Frequently Asked Questions

Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions.
Chocolate understands.

When I meet with people, whether in person or virtually, here are some of the questions that people almost always ask.

And I ask questions too. What do you want the tone of your ceremony to be? Heartfelt, elegant, unique, humorous? What do you want to remember about the ceremony? What do you want your guests to remember? What is the story?

Our consultation, which is fee-free, is the time to get all of your questions answered.

What is a Celebrant?

Over five years ago very few people had heard of Celebrants and those that had were not sure of what they did.  Over the last decade in western culture there has been a real move away from more formal religion.  There has also been an upsurge in interest in alternatives to traditional ways of celebrating a milestone occasion. Many people love the idea that their ceremony can have as much or as little religion as they like, or no religion.

Quite simply, a Celebrant is a person who performs ceremonies. 

Why choose Peggy?

You get to have your ceremony on a date and time of your choosing and in any venue of your choice.  Your backyard, on the beach, abroad, skydiving. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination.

You get a unique, personally crafted, one-of-a-kind ceremony.  The special story gets told.  There can be beautiful symbolism – for example, a unity candle, a hand fastening, a sand ceremony or love letters.  You can select any poem, any reading and the music of your heart’s desire.  You can include any family member or friend or even the beloved four-legged in the ceremony.  For any ceremony, you can write your own vows or eulogy or special segments.  Or turn that over to me.  I hold your hand throughout.


I’m considering your services. What’s the next step?

Contact me via phone or this website and we will set a time for our initial consultation.  It is free and is conducted generally on Zoom. It is a time for us to get to know each other, get all your questions answered and decide if you want to continue.

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What’s the process?

I will send you an agreement for services outlining all essentials including price. The agreement is returned with a fifty percent deposit which is necessary for the work to begin. You will receive a questionnaire to be completed and submitted. This is the information from which I prepare your ceremony. You will also receive an outline of the ceremony elements and a timeline for all phases. Any or all of this can be discussed during our meetings. I create and write your ceremony and submit it to you for review.  You get to approve or make your revisions which are then incorporated into your ceremony script.    

“We loved that Peggy worked with us so closely. We truly got to approve every word. She was always available by phone or email usually getting back to us the same day. When we got the first draft, we were just overwhelmed. Didn’t change a word. Can’t recommend her enough!.”
~ Sandy and Mike

What happens the day of the ceremony?    

You are free to relax and celebrate.

I generally arrive 45 minutes before the designated time.  Soothe any frazzled nerves. Calm any jitters. Bring you a glass of water.  Meet  your family.

And tell you what I am absolutely sure of.  It is going to be a beautiful ceremony.

And it is.

Must Know Info for Weddings

How much are the ceremonies?

Pricing depends upon multiple factors, i.e., time frame until the ceremony, the core elements of the ceremony or the types of ritual as well as other factors that contribute to the length of the ceremony.   After our consultation, a firm quote will be made available to you.

I am never offended should you decide on someone else to perform your ceremony.  I understand there are many variables and wish you well and send many blessings for the perfect ceremony.

What are the requirements for getting a marriage license?

You’ve set a date — you’re getting married! But beyond the wedding ceremony, do you know what you need to make it happen? Here’s the lowdown on what is legally required to get married.

Before we talk about legal documents, let’s first address the requirements you and your future spouse need to meet in order to be allowed to marry by the state. These can vary by state, but generally you both need to be:

  • At least the age of consent in your state (which is 18 years old in most states, although in some you can marry when you’re younger if you have parental consent).
  • Not too closely related. What’s too close? It depends on the state — some, for example, will allow first cousins to marry.
  • Of reasonable mental capacity, meaning you both understand what you’re doing and the consequences of your actions.
  • Unmarried to anyone else.
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San Francisco City Hall

The license is the document that authorizes you to get married. Requirements on how and where and when to apply for your license can vary quite a bit, so check with your county clerk’s office or local marriage license bureau, whoever is in charge of giving out licenses in your city or county. Here are the things you’ll want to find out from whoever is in charge of marriage licenses in your area.

 What documents do I need to apply for the license?

In general, you’ll both want to bring the following to apply:

  • Driver’s licenses or passports (government-issued photo ID)
  • Birth certificates
  • Social Security number
  • Divorce decree if you were previously married and are divorced
  • Death decree if you were previously married and are widowed
  • Parental consent if you are underage

When should I apply for the license?

In most areas, licenses are only valid for a certain amount of time (ranging from days to months) so you’ll want to make sure you don’t get your license too early before your wedding date. Some offices will impose a waiting period (generally a few days), so you don’t want to wait until the last minute to get your license either.  There is generally a fee (which varies greatly by state). You’ll want to find out if the office only accepts cash or if you can pay with a check.

Once you get the license, this is what you’ll need to have your officiant and witnesses sign on your wedding day. The license must be sent back to the clerk’s office. In most places, the office will then mail you a marriage certificate — or you may have to purchase certified copies, which will be important and necessary if you want to change your name.

Keep in mind that these are the legal requirements for getting married in the eyes of the government. If you’re getting married in a religious ceremony, you may have additional requirements you need to meet. But this is what it takes to be recognized in the eyes of the law.

Please visit the website of the appropriate County Clerk for specific information.

A unique, personally crafted, one-of-a-kind ceremony.

with love from……..
“Working with Peggy was wonderful and so easy. We were married under the rotunda at San Francisco’s beautiful City Hall. Our day was perfect!! From writing the ceremony to writing our vows, selecting readings (in Spanish) and doing the handfasting ritual. She was with us every step of the way. We have wonderful pictures of us throwing rose petals at each other on the sidewalk outside. We’ll remember our ceremony forever.”

“Gracias, Peggy.”           Peter and Alfonso

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